I wanna hear Minzy’s own produced music

Dont get me wrong tho~ i love this blog but i think it's kinda unfair that you guys dont make the confession from oldest to newest. Bc im sure there is a lot people who r waiting for their confession to be up and that includes me too. I have sent multiple confession for the last 4-5 months a believe and i believe only one confession was posted. Sorry for complaining

Normally, we do try to make them from oldest to newest. However, the admins have been really busy lately and it’s much harder to go through 300+ confessions from the bottom to the top every time because all the new ones become old news by the time they get posted that way. That’s pretty much why I tried to pick out a mix of old and new because I know I can’t put together all the confessions by myself. We’re really sorry your confessions haven’t been posted ~ I promise it will go back to normal once the other admins are more active.

- Admin L 

In my opinion, 3/5 members of WINNER are ugly. But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, I mean, they’re all talented. It just shows that YG doesn’t focus on appearance. I like that.

Dara and Bom needs more spotlight. Seriously.

If GD and Kiko is dating, I think that Kiko was probably that one who introduced GD to drugs.

Pls don’t call dara dull. Don’t ever call a girl dull just because she’s a sweetheart. As for Cl, she has the more kind of American nicki minaj, iggy, miley Cyrus kind of appeal, very American.

SeungRi made his album in 2 weeks, the music, the lyrics, everything. It was a good album. He was on top charts even when YG didn’t even promote him like he does with all the other artists. And still some people say he is the “less talented”. Seriously? Seriously??!!

I may be being sensitive but I find it rude when people think their being liberal minded and objective when they say “I think GD takes recreational drugs”. Some are saying it over pictures he posts& the weed thing. Weed maybe a gateway drunk but most people get away with it they don’t get their image dragged through the mud and months of shame over a puff or have to spend a year building their image back up. Also I like images of stuff I’ll never do sometimes because someone I know/like did it.

I’m happy for Daesung, he seems to be finding some success in Japan and is away from the childishness and negativity in K-pop. He seems like he lost some popularity in Korea but it might just be he isn’t active there but he appears happy even without it. I wouldn’t mind Bom doing the same thing and I think she could be happy too.

i dont see how Mino is copying GD. i think people who are saying that are delusional. Mino is Mino.

I sent a few confessions maybe a week or so ago. Why is the CL's one about her debuting in the U.S. already posted when it happened like 2 days ago?

We make the confessions randomly, we don’t always start from the oldest and work our way up. We have 300+ messages in our inbox now, and all of the admins are busy so far, so it might take a while for your confessions to get posted. - Admin J

CL gets to debut in America while the other girls get tossed to the side. Totally unfair.

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Guys I apologize for the lack of confessions lately. It seems like all the admins are really busy these days; I hope we’ll be back on track soon. I did all I could to keep the queue full lately, but I can’t keep up with it by myself right now. 

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Don’t be like SM stans

"I like CL and Minzy a lot but Dara and Bom are so fake."  "Dara is so sweet but CL and Minzy acts like wannabe Miley’s." 

Stop. Stop right there. If you are that type of fan, get out. Get out right now. Why do you think SM is going the trouble its going through besides their own lacking management? When a person becomes a fan of a specific idol before getting to like the group as a whole or their music, it spells disaster. Why do you think Exo fans tend to turn against one another when something big or small blows up in their faces? Because they become a fan of the face and persona before even really listening to their music and supporting the group as a whole. We BJ’s need all the brothers and sisters we can get but we can spare ourselves the trouble of taking on fans like this. You can’t say I like 2ne1 but this so-so member is kind of getting on my nerves, it doesn’t work like that. I didn’t define the definition of what a ‘fan’ is nor did I write what a BLACKJACK is but I’m pretty it means this. "Being a fan of a group means to like them as a whole, not like pieces of Pizza you can take off whenever you feel like it. It means encouraging all the members and defending all to a certain degree if threatened. It means coming together like a family." 

BJ’s separated themselves into sub-groups such as ‘Daraling’, Bominator, CLovers, and ‘Minzyfies’. I have no problem with this, even when liking a group there will always be a member you like more than the rest. But don’t let it consume you and cut you off from the other members. 2NE1 only has 4. Not 9-1 like SNSD, not 12-2 like EXO, not 5-1 like f(x), and not 15 - 4 like Super Junior. Only 4. You can spare the room.

- kittykat40765

I was so disgusted by Roommate. The ‘family’ didn’t support Bom at all. They excluded literally all of her cuts unless they were essential to a different member. The camping trip: they didn’t show Bom and DongWook popping balloons. BaekHyun’s visit: they didn’t show Chanyeol introducing Bom, when asked which woman Baek was most interested in, they didn’t even put her face in that picture at the bottom, and what happened to her teaching SooHyun how to sing? Roommate, I see why you’re doing so bad

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