Yang Hyun Suk may be absolutely horrendous with dates, but more often than not the songs or albums he releases are absolutely flawless. Take a look at Rise and 2014 S/S, for example. He’s annoyingly good at what he does.
I’m 99% sure Choi Seunghyun is gay.
I really love Team B and want to support Bobby and B.I on SMTM but the Team B fandom put me off severely.
I like YG (can’t say love though) for years now, but I think Team B needs another company where they would be treated like real people and not manipulated every other minute. YG doesn’t deserve Team B. I think the boys would fit a smaller hip hop company like AOMG or ILLIONAIRE more. Team B, after all, is more hip hop based. And maybe, maybe then, the fanwars with I.C (Inner Circles) will stop.
IMO I don’t see BOM doing much if 2ne1 disband someday, maybe she pretends to sing with the group forever idk. Dara even tho she’s not talented in music, she can go to the Philippines bc over there they really believe she’s a goddess anyway lol. CL is more outgoing so she definitely is going solo and Minzy, she has the most talent but she doesn’t have the spark that she needs to stand out!!
BIG BANG and 2NE1 are still idols in my opinion. Calling only them artists is ignorant when there are idols in other companies with equally/more qualified to be considered artists.
I hate Taeyang’s weird long plait things, in all its styles and colors.
Is it just me or TOP is looking super naturally good lately, smiling a lot, relaxed looks. There’s something different about his aura I just can’t put my finger on what changed. Either way I’m so happy, the guy deserves nothing but happiness in his life.
Any Daesung confessions?

There is a couple that are queued and in the inbox. - Admin J

I always forget AKMU is on yg. They’re just so different from the other yg artist..

I get either annoyed or second hand embarrassment reading YG life articles. When they broadcast information I often see to same over used phrases again and again or its written in a way that makes a trivial matter- like a tweet- out to be the most amazing thing. Hype is important but if you oversell every little thing the effect wears off and that’s how I feel towards most YG updates unless the accomplishment or new in itself is pretty amazing but I still don’t like the writer’s style.
I felt like Winner’s songs were 10x longer than they actually were, I was just waiting for them to be finished. Really disappointed.
Am I the only person who wants a Minzy and Kang SeungYoon collaboration? Like can they cover “Almost is never enough” at a YG family concert or something? Those 2’s voices are beautiful and would sound amazing together!
Call me a hater if you want but I feel disappointed in some of the “friends” GD and CL hangs out with like Ben Baller, Terry Richardson, Jeremy Scott among others. They all act a little pretentious and to me, it feels like they are all using each other for a little fame.
I’d love for a Minzy x Seunghoon contemporary/lyrical dance collab cover of Eyes, Nose, Lips for the YG Family Cover Project.
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